There’s a new OData kid on the block: The data from is now available as OData.

Proagora + OData

As on the website, data published as OData is about jobs, companies, and experts.

Sesame Proagora EntitySets

Two feeds are available, one for each of the languages supported by Proagora at the moment:

Of course, you can use your favorite OData explorer to browse these feeds:

These OData feeds exhibit several interesting features of Sesame Data Browser, such as:

  • Rich and easy navigation in data

Sesame Proagora Navigation Company Sesame Proagora Navigation Domain

  • Pictures and Web hyperlinks

Sesame Proagora Pictures and Hyperlinks

Known issue: Columns/properties selection ($select) fails with an error. I haven’t found a solution yet.

Please give this a go and send me your feedback.

Gentle reminder: have you published your profile on 😉